QuillsEdge Press is dedicated to publishing the poetry of womxn over the age of 40. We're accepting poems and translations for our second anthology, Unapologetic: An Anthology of Womxn Poets over 40, from August 1, 2019 through February 9, 2020. 

We look forward to offering our manuscript review service again in the near future. 

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We are proud to offer a growing catalog of vital and vibrant poetry chapbooks by women over the age of 50. When you purchase these books, you not only support hard-working women poets, you also make it possible for our small, non-profit press to continue publishing incredible poetry by women!

Currently Available: 

"The Garlic Peelers," Lucia Galloway

"Mind the Light," Suellen Wedmore

"Unpacking the China," Sarah Merrow

"Our Tents Are Small Volcanoes," Vivian Faith Prescott 

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Available for Pre-Order (anticipated publication December 2018): 

"50/50: Poems and Translations by Womxn over 50," an anthology of 50 women poets and translators! To see the list of marvelous anthologists, please visit our website. This is also the page to visit if you wish to order more than one copy of the anthology. 

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