QuillsEdge Press is dedicated to publishing the poetry of womxn over the age of 40. We're accepting poems and translations for our second anthology, Unapologetic: An Anthology of Womxn Poets over 40, from August 1, 2019 through February 9, 2020. 

We look forward to offering our manuscript review service again in the near future. 

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 The QuillsEdge Press anthology returns! Our first anthology, published in 2018, is so powerful that we knew we needed to undertake publishing a second one. This anthology, Unapologetic: An Anthology of Womxn Poets over 40, will include two to three poems by each of the selected poets. This high-quality anthology allows new and established voices to submit on a level field, where previous publications do not come into play. Your poetry will speak for itself.


1. Send up to six poems via Submittable, no more than six pages of poetry total. (You may submit one or two longer poems instead, if you wish, so long as the page count is no more than six.) Send your best work and present to us your unique voice, your deep content, your commitment to craft. Feel free to address anything that moves you deeply in your poetry. There is no set theme.

2. Send unpublished work only. We define previous publication as inclusion in books, chapbooks, or magazines, posted on the internet, and self-published. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but poems accepted elsewhere must be withdrawn immediately via Submittable.

3. Poetry translated into English is welcome, so long as the original poet is also a womxn over the age of 50. You may include translations of poetry by a maximum of three poets in one submission. Please include  the original texts in your submission; this will not count towards your  page total.

4. Poems in English may be submitted by poets who self-identify as womxn and are over the age of 40 regardless of country of residence. Members of underrepresented communities, including but not limited to womxn of color, LBGTIQ  womxn, and differently-abled women are especially encouraged to submit  your work.

5.  Submit up to six poems as one document; each poem or translation should begin a new page of your document. Use Times New Roman font, 12 pt. size. Page limit is six pages total for poetry, twelve pages total for translation submissions (six pages of the original poems and six pages of their English translations).

6.  The submission should be titled QEP_Anthology_2020_ABC (replace ABC with your initials). Do not include your name or any identifying information on the poems themselves. 

7.  In the designated section of the Submittable submission form, please write up to 75 words on “Why Poetry,” or what drives your poetic expression. This is a personal note about the importance of poetry to you at this time in your life. This statement will precede your poems in the anthology. If your poetry is included, we will ask for a more traditional bio upon acceptance. PLEASE DO NOT SEND A BIO WITH YOUR SUBMISSION, only your 75-word "Why Poetry" statement.

8. Poets whose work was included in the first QuillsEdge Anthology, 50/50: Poems & Translations by Womxn over 50, are asked not to submit to this current project. 

9. Submissions are considered final; poets may submit as many times as they like, but each submission will require an additional reading fee.

10. Payment will be rendered through Submittable.   

11. Fees are as follows:
The reading fee is $10 for poets whose household income is at least $30,000. If you wish to pre-order a copy of the anthology at a reduced price with your submission, the total fee is $25.    
The reading fee is $3 for poets whose individual or family income is less than $30,000, to cover Submittable charges. If you wish to pre-order a copy of the anthology with your submission, the total fee is $18. Please note that our ability to publish the incredible poetry of womxn over 40 relies upon your integrity in choosing this fee option.

With your submission, you also have the opportunity to purchase our phenomenal first anthology, 50/50: Poems & Translations by Womxn over 50, at the reduced rate of $15 plus shipping & handling ($23 total). 

12. The anthology reading period is August 1, 2019 to February 9, 2020. Poets will be notified of acceptance within 6 weeks of the reading period closure. Anticipated publication is December 2020.

13. Poets whose work is accepted will receive a contributor’s copy of the anthology as well as the ability to order additional copies at heavily discounted pricing. QuillsEdge Press will retain first North American publishing rights; rights revert back to author upon publication. 

Thank you for sharing your work with us! We are honored to read your poetry.

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"Unpacking the China," Sarah Merrow

"Our Tents Are Small Volcanoes," Vivian Faith Prescott 

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